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4D Oceans in the media

This page serves as an archive for recorded presentations, interviews, news articles, artistic endeavours, and other media produced by or involving a member of the lab!

Holyrood observatory deployed


The Holyrood observatory is a collaboration between the Marine Institute at MUN and Ocean Networks Canada and will support long term monitoring of the seafloor of Holyrood Inlet.

Paul Brett interviewed by CBC and on The Broadcast

Press release from Memorial University

Memorial University Research Week 2020


Research Week at MUN is an opportunity to share knowledge and expertise across disciplines, and engage broadly with the research community. Our lab group pre-recorded a presentation that highlights the work each of us is doing!

Introduction to Species Distribution Modeling

Screen Shot 2021-03-17 at 12.07.18

Katleen gave a webinar on species distribution modeling in R for the iAtlantic WP2 webinar series. Katleen takes us through the steps we should consider when conceptualizing SDMs, with a focus on data preparation, model fitting, training, and assessment, and making predictions.

The full webinar can be found here!

Kate and Rylan presented at MEOPAR ASM/ATM 2020


Kate and Rylan presented their work in Conception Bay, Newfoundland at MEOPAR's Annual Science and Training Meeting. Kate is building seasonal habitat maps to understand how the spatial distribution of habitats and benthic communities changes over time. Rylan is studying the response of benthic fauna to the spring phytoplankton bloom using video and environmental sensors on the new Holyrood Underwater Observatory.

Shreya takes 2nd in 3MT competition!



Shreya presented her thesis "a species and traits-based approach to predicting the distribution of benthic communities" in Memorial University's 3-minute thesis competition, winning second place!

New Underwater Exploration Laboratory


The new Underwater Exploration Laboratory at the Marine Institute is equipped with state-of-the-art ROV simulation software and equipment, and will train the next generation of ROV pilots. The 4D Oceans lab uses ROVs to study biodiversity and geomorphology of the deep sea.

Education News Canada article

CBC The Broadcast Interview

NTV segment

Shreya presents at Geomatics Atlantic 2020


Shreya presented her thesis work on habitat mapping in Placentia Bay, Newfoundland at the Geomatics Atlantic 2020 conference. Shreya's work contributes to the biological component of seafloor maps in the region to predict the spatial distribution of benthic community assemblages and understand the environmental factors driving their distribution.

Shreya's abstract can be found here.

Shreya and Katleen featured in MUN's President's Choice report


Shreya discusses her research in habitat mapping, as well as the convenience of field work preparation at the Holyrood Marine Base. Katleen describes her concept for the 4D Oceans Lab.

Read the full article here!

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