Post-doctoral position:

We are currently looking to recruit a post-doctoral researcher to develop classification approaches for ultra-high resolution 3D point clouds of complex underwater features and organisms (e.g. cold-water corals).

View the posting here and here.


Prospective Students:

I am looking for graduate students (MSc, PhD) with interest in ocean mapping.  This is an inherently multi-disciplinary field, and we are looking to build a team with a range of backgrounds including: seafloor mapping, spatial ecology, geology, acoustic surveying, remote sensing and geostatistics.  Students will be co-supervised in collaboration with colleagues in other schools or departments, and degree requirements will depend base on the academic unit. At the moment, I have the following funded opportunities:

MSc Projects

Projects available for students with backgrounds in biology, ecology or habitat mapping, and interested in scientific questions relating to understanding species distribution patterns, measuring species-environment relationships and developing automated seabed classification techniques.  Data processing will involve both image analysis for fish and megabenthic species identification as well as processing of multibeam bathymetry for seafloor and habitat characterization.  Looking for highly motivated students with a strong quantitative background, previous field/research experience, excellent English skills (oral and written) and an interest in working collaboratively.


Potential projects include:

-Characterizing baseline habitats for Placentia Bay, St John’s NL
-Understanding the links between species distribution and geological composition the Charlie-Gibbs Fracture Zone.
-Linking fisheries echosounder and water-column multibeam datasets to identify important fish habitats

If you are interested please contact me with a CV and a brief statement of your research interest.