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Our research

The ocean contributes significantly to Canada's economy, yet less than 10% has been adequately mapped and the spatial distribution of most species is not well understood.

The 4D OCEANS Lab's research focuses on mapping the spatial complexity of the ocean from the seafloor to the surface. Our goal is to create an integrated picture of our oceans which will allow us to understand the relationships between habitats, resources, human activities and changing conditions.

Recent news

May 2023: The 4D Oceans Lab is at Geohab 2023 in Reunion Island!

April 6 2023: Ashley present at the MUN Faculty of Science second annual Scientific Endeavours in Academia (SEA)

March 29 2023: Ana Belen is awarded a National Geographic Explorer I Grant

December 2022: Myrah presents a poster in the Arctic Net, Toronto


ROV_7 553_edited.jpg
International Symposium
on deep-sea corals

Edinburgh, UK

28th May - 2nd June 2023

20200914 - urchins_and_map_edited.jpg

La Réunion island
World Conference on Marine Biodiversity VI 

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