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Journal Articles


Robert K, Jones DOB, Georgiopoulou A and Huvenne VAI (2020) Cold-water coral assemblages on vertical walls: distribution patterns from colony to global scales. Diversity & Distributions, 26: 284-298.

Robert K, Huvenne VAI, Georgiopoulou A, Jones DOB, Marsh L, Carter GDO and Chaumillon L (2017) New approaches to high-resolution mapping of marine vertical structures. Scientific Reports, 7: 9005.

Robert K, Jones DOB, Roberts JM and Huvenne VAI (2016) Improving predictive mapping of deep-water habitats: Considering multiple model outputs and ensemble techniques. Deep-Sea Research I, 113: 80-89.


Robert K, Jones DOB, Tyler PA, Van Rooij D and Huvenne VAI (2015) Finding the hotspots within a biodiversity hotspot: fine-scale biological predictions within a submarine canyon using high-resolution acoustic mapping techniques. Marine Ecology, 36:1256-1276.

Robert K, Jones DOB and Huvenne VAI (2014) Megafaunal distribution and biodiversity in a heterogeneous landscape: The iceberg scoured Rockall Bank, NE Atlantic. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 501: 67-88.

Robert K, Onthank KL, Juniper SK and Lee RW (2012) Small-scale thermal responses of hydrothermal vent polynoid polychaetes: Preliminary in situ experiments and methodological development. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 420-421: 69-76.

Robert K and Juniper SK (2012) Surface-sediment bioturbation quantified with cameras on the NEPTUNE Canada cabled observatory. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 453:137-149.

Misiuk B*, Brown CJ, Robert K, and Lacharité M (2020) Harmonizing Multi-Source Sonar Backscatter Datasets for Seabed Mapping Using Bulk Shift Approaches. Remote Sensing. 12: 601.


Pearman TRR, Robert K, Callaway A, Hall R, Iacono CL and Huvenne VAI (2020) Improving the predictive capability of benthic species distribution models by incorporating oceanographic data–towards holistic ecological modelling of a submarine canyon. Progress in Oceanography. 124: 102338

Gates AR, Serpell-Stevens A, Chandler C, Horton T, Grange LG, Robert K, Jones DOB (2019) Ecological role of an offshore industry artificial structure. Frontiers in Marine Science, 6: 675.

Price D, Robert K, Callaway A, Hall R and Huvenne VAI (2019) Using 3D photogrammetry from ROV video to quantify cold-water coral reef structural complexity and investigate its influence on biodiversity and community assemblage. Coral Reefs. 1:15

Falcon-Suarez I, Marín-Moreno H, Browning F, Lichtschlag A, Robert K, North L and Best AI (2017) Experimental assessment of pore fluid distribution and mechanical indicators, and geomechanical changes during and after CO2 geosequestration.  International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 63:356-360.

De Clippele LH, Gafeira J, Robert K, Henninge S, Lavaleye MS, Duineveld GCA, Huvenne VAI and Roberts JM (2017) Using novel acoustic and visual mapping tools to predict the small-scale spatial distribution of live biogenic reef framework in cold-water coral habitats. Coral Reefs, 36, 255-268.

Morris KJ, Bett BJ, Durden JM, Benoist NMA, Huvenne VAI, Jones DOB, Robert K, Ichino MC, Wolff GA and Ruhl HA (2016) Landscape-scale spatial heterogeneity in phytodetrital cover and megafauna biomass in the abyss links to modest topographic variation. Scientific Reports, 6, 34080.


Amaro T, Huvenne VAI, Allcock AL, Aslam T, Davies JS, Danovaro R, De Stigter HC, Duineveld GCA, Gambi C, Gooday AJ, Gunton LM, Hall R, Howell KL, Ingels J, Kiriakoulakis K, Kershaw CE, Lavaleye MSS, Robert K, Stewart H, Van Rooij D, White M, Wilson AM (2016) The Whittard Canyon - A case study of submarine canyon processes. Progress in Oceanography, 46: 38-57.


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Morris KJ, Bett BJ, Durden J, Huvenne VAI, Milligan R, Jones DOB, McPhail S, Robert K, Bailey DM and Ruhl HA (2014) New method for Ecological Surveying of the Abyssal deep-sea using photography and mapping. Limnology and Oceanography: Methods, 12:795-809.


Maguire DY, Robert K, Brochu K, Larrivée M, Buddle CM and Wheeler TA (2014) Vertical stratification of beetles (Coleoptera) and flies (Diptera) in temperate forest canopies. Environmental entomology, 43: 9-17.


Bates AE, Bird TJ, Robert K, Onthank KL, Juniper SK, Quinn G and Lee RW (2013) Activity and positioning of eurythermal hydrothermal vent sulphide worms in a variable thermal environment.  Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 448:149-155.


Book Chapters

Huvenne VAI, Robert K, Marsh L, Lo Iacono C, Le Bas T, Wynn RB (2018) The use of ROVs and AUVs to study submarine geomorphology In "Submarine geomorphology", Editors S Krastel and A Micallef, Springer. 17 pages

Matabos M, Best MMR, Blandin J, Hoeberechts M, Juniper SK, Pirenne B, Robert K, Rhul H, Sarrazin J and Vardaro M (2016) Seafloor observatories In "Biological  sampling  in  the  deep-sea”, Editors M Clark , M Consalvey and A Rowden, Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford. 520p.

Technical Reports


Howell KL, Huvenne VAI, Piechaud N, Robert K and Ross RE (2014) Analysis of biological data from the JC060 survey of areas of conservation interest in deep waters off north and west Scotland. Joint Nature Conservation Committee, Report No. 528


Forthcoming contributions

Lo Iacono C, Robert K, Gonzalez-Villanueva R, Gori A, Gili J-M and Orejas C (in press) Multi-scale Ensemble Maps predicting cold-water coral distribution in the Cap de Creus Canyon (NW Mediterranean): implications for marine conservation planning. Progress in Oceanography,


Khaira Ismail, Huvenne VAI and Robert K (in press) Quantifying Spatial Heterogeneity in Submarine Canyons. Progress in Oceanography,


Carter GDO, Huvenne VAI, Gales J, Lo Iacono C, Marsh L, Ougier-Simonin A, Robert K and Wynn R (in press) Ongoing evolution of submarine canyon rockwalls; examples from the Whittard Canyon, Celtic Margin (NE Atlantic). Progress in Oceanography


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